Possible Outcome For Premier League Match Week 34


The table, shows the possible outcome for all the premier league matches in week 34. The premier league remains few weeks and from the look of things, the first position has been declared likewise the second position.

This weekend premier league looks quite interesting as lots of clubs are expected to lose in points while some might gain points.

The most interesting among all is that of Manchester United against Liverpool. This is going to be one of the most interesting match this weekend as the Manchester United are predicted to play 1-1 against Liverpool at the Old Trafford.

The Southampton will be hosting the Leicester city and it Was shown that the Leicester city will dominate over Southampton.

The Manchester City Will donate over Crystal palace on their away match. Chelsea to thrash the Fulham at the Stamford Bridge. Everton to beat Aston Villa a the Everton stadium.

The Arsenal will be playing against Newcastle and it Was predicted that the Arsenal will dominate over Newcastle in the premier league.

Do you think this possible outcome could become possible t the end on the nintey minutes of each game this weekend?

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