Fresh Details Emerge in the Ongoing Manhunt for Nakuru Killer Police Corporal Caroline Kangogo


The manhunt for Caroline Kangogo is ongoing after the Nakuru based police officer was credibly placed at the centre of three high profile murders that have left the country not only shocked but in panic too.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo is linked to the barbaric death of police Constable John Ogweno who was found dead in his car in Nakuru few days ago with indications that he did not die a natural death. Again, she was placed by CCTV footage at the scene where a Kiambu man identified as Peter Ndwiga was found dead in a guest room.

And now, in a news bulletin fully followed by this writer on KTN, new details have emerged in the ongoing manhunt for the killer fugitive officer whose whereabouts have still not been known.

Quoting police sources, the report indicate that the officer has been in communication on the move and has been changing phone numbers. It has been established today that she is currently using a new phone number in the aim of throwing detectives who are pursuing her off balance.

"The operation to nab fugitive officer Caroline Kangogo accused of two murders has entered its 7th day with police reports indicating that the officer is now using a new phone number," the loosely translated report read.


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