Step- By- Step Guide On How to Start a Free- Range Turkey Farming Business


Turkey rearing is one of the profitable agribusinesses you can venture into because it can make a lot of profits from multiple sources, including eggs, meat, feathers, and manure that can be used for compost production. This type of farm business may be easier for those already engaged in the poultry business.

Free- range turkey breeding is a kind of farm business in which the activities of birds are not limited to confined spaces such as cages, but can also move freely at certain times of the day. This type of agriculture is open to those who want to engage in commercial farming and subsistence farming.

It helps birds play a good role in caring for birds, eating naturally, and not relying on anyone, and promotes organic agriculture. The following tips will guide you on how to start an outdoor turkey farming business.

Determine your purpose for raising turkeys

It is important to determine your purpose for raising turkeys before you start. Turkeys can be kept as pets or used for commercial purposes.

Turkey rearing has adequate marketing, and it is one of the best agricultural enterprises in the world. If you already have experience raising chickens, ducks, and other meats and eggs, raising turkeys will be easier for you. Before preparing a turkey, make sure your purpose is to raise a turkey to understand the correct steps to turn it into a successful agribusiness.

Adequate land with enough space to accommodate the number of birds you want to raise and to allow you to participate in the free- range turkey rearing. You can plant grass or crops in certain parts of the land, which can be used as food and shelter, and can also attract all kinds of insects.

As a free- range farm, you need to ensure sufficient safety to prevent your birds from wandering around at the wrong time and place. This will also protect your farm from thieves and intruders.

Selecting Best Turkey Breed

There are several turkey breeds to choose from, but most are not sufficient for commercial meat production. For profitable meat production, it is recommended that you use some modern turkey breeds raised for commercial production. The feed to meat conversion rate for this turkey is very high. They eat less and turn the feed into meat in no time. The wide- breasted white turkey is a modern turkey breed suitable for commercial meat production. It produces a lot of very tasty meat. Therefore, if you plan to establish a commercial turkey farm, it is important to choose this breed of turkey, such as the Dutch white, the broad- breasted white, the standard bronze, and the white. Therefore, before starting the turkey business, you must decide what type of breed you want to raise.

Construction Of Turkey House

Proper and good houses with all the necessary facilities are very important for commercial turkey production. You must create a permanent turkey coop like a chicken coop and make sure that all the necessary facilities are available. It is best to make the fence around the house high and strong to protect your birds. The turkey is big and can be strong. Turkey' s houses must be able to protect them from severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, etc. It should be well ventilated, clean, and have enough space to help control poultry and flu- related illnesses.

Nutritional requirements for Turkey

Rearing turkey needs high quality and nutritious feed to help them maintain their health and productivity. Therefore, it is important to learn how to feed turkeys correctly, as it can prevent turkey- related problems and reduce feeding costs. In the first few weeks, they need to eat protein- rich foods.

You can start with a chicken starter containing 28% protein and feed them for the first six weeks, and then you can feed them growing feed. The

grown food must contain at least 20% protein. The protein content of turkey feed is higher than that of chicken or other poultry feed.

When providing nutritious food, it is also recommended providing sufficient clean, fresh water. 100 turkeys need approximately 65 liters of water per day. Automatic bird feeders and drinkers are very suitable for feeding and drinking turkeys. Make sure to clean the drinkers and feeders at all times.

Prevention of disease and other health problems in Turkey

Diseases and other health problems can be seen in turkey farming, as in other poultry farming. Sometimes, turkeys can have some problems, and you need to understand how to prevent disease and other health problems before they become major problems. Common diseases affecting turkeys include coccidiosis, cannibalism, pimples, and aerosaculitis.

To prevent your poultry from contracting diseases, you need to ensure adequate ventilation, good poultry houses, adequate fresh air flow, clean fresh water, etc. It is important to keep turkeys separate from chickens and other poultry. Provide enough space for your free- range turkey brooding and make sure to protect them from predators.

How To Market Your Turkey and its products

Marketing is a very important part of business, because it is very important to understand the needs of customers and meet their needs as much as possible. If you do a good job in your business, it may be great for your customers. It is very important to conduct market research on your business in order to understand your target market and what is expected of you and what is expected of them.

Once you understand the market you want to enter, you can more easily develop a good marketing strategy to guide your short- or long- term business. It' s also good to monitor your marketing strategy from time to time. Eliminate some ineffective strategies and spend more effort. For commercial turkey farming, turkeys can be on the market for 12 to 20 weeks.

Turkey agribusiness is a very profitable business. Free- range poultry is the favorite of consumers because they get meat and eggs from it. It is nutritious and tastes great because it feeds on natural foods. Therefore, if you can follow the steps listed above on how to start a free- range turkey farming business, participating in this business will bring you more profits.