Stan Nze And Blessing Jessica Union Teaches A lot Of Lessons Why Their Marriage Would Last.

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Stan Nze, a well-known Nigerian actor, has spoken openly about his marriage, claiming that he chose to marry a buddy who brings him peace. He also mentioned what first attracted him to her.

Nze married actress Blessing Jessica Obasi, and his decision was based on more than just what he saw visually.

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, the rattlesnake star claimed that the manner he was open with his wife was what drew him to her.

Nze chose someone who provides him calm after being with a few ladies throughout the years. He referred to his wife as the 'bone of his bones,' adding that they don't put on a show.

They farted in each other's company, according to the actor, and they were incredibly comfortable with each other.

The lesson we should learn from their Union:

1. Before you engage your partner who you are courting, make sure you know or discover what he or she is comfortable with because, you may think she is good to go with what you are thinking meanwhile, she's not ok with it and it can resolve to a big issue later in the future.

2. Don't just go into a relationship with just anybody without having feelings for each other. Most of the guys out there today go for their partner for a different reason not because they have feelings for them but because they have a mission to accomplish.

I wish everyone one of us will find something to learn from their marriage. And I pray their marriage is fruitful and peaceful.

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