How to make Apapransa without Palm nut soup


Apapransa is a Ghanaian delicacy produced using the blend of cooked corn feast and palm nut soup. 

The curve in this feast is the shortfall of palm nut soup. We have given you an elective method to setting it up. 


Simmered corn supper 

Red oil 

Tomatoes, Pepper, Onion, Ginger, Garlic 


Salted fish (koobi) 

Dried/smoked fish (herrings may best suit it) 

Eggs, crab, snail (for embellishing) 


Cautiously mix together your washed onion, pepper, garlic and ginger as you put an accommodating measure of red oil in a pot to warm. 

Void these mixed common flavors in the red oil to stew and add some mixed new tomatoes five (5) minutes after you put in the garlic, ginger, pepper and onion. 

Set up your corn feast by emptying attractive sum into a bowl while you hang tight for your red oil sauce to cook 

Wash your dry or smoked fish breaking them into more modest pieces relying upon how you need it to be. 

Void fish in the sauce and permit it bubble. Add some salt and some other favored zest to taste. 

Presently you would need to ensure your sauce isn't too thick as that will make your 'apapransa' seem dry after you finish. 

Gradually, void corn feast into your sauce and mix with a wooden scoop till everything goes into it and you accomplish a uniform combination. 

Continue to mix as you add red oil contingent upon how delicate you need it to be. Leave it for around two (2) minutes ablaze and afterward present with some bubbled egg, crab or snail.