(Some Men): See What This Man Said About A Picture Of Leticia That Is Causing Stir Online.


Kojo Sheldon the only man in Duku a.k.a y’all tripping have been saying that his gender(Male) will always disgrace him and with what I am about to show, I agree with him. As the whole nation is on its toes trying to find out what actually caused the demise of beautiful Leticia Kyere Pinanmang, some men too are somewhere else fooling. How can you be in a fooling mood when the nation is grieving over the death of a young girl?

The death of Kyere Pinanmang has really stunned everyone not because of her age or beauty but because of the manner at which she died. A lot have been said and there are still more to be told about this girl’s death.

One woman from the school even came out to say that she saw everything from start to finish and therefore said the girl killed herself. This to me makes no sense. How can you watch a young girl like her kill herself and have the guts to come out and say “I saw everything”.

Others too claim she left some notes saying that she was fed up with this world and regrets coming into it like she was the one who determined her existence. All these to me are just somethings said and done to hide something from the public but that is not what I am here for today.

The main reason or topic for this article is about one man who decided to ask for the dead girl’s number when a picture of hers was posted on Facebook. He said through his comment “Hi Lady you are very beautiful lady please can I get your number please”.

Like who does this? Like seriously? Was he using free mode on Facebook? It may be so I think.

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