The Temptation Of The Lottery!


Many Muslims play the lottery hoping to win the jackpot, despite the obvious ban on gambling in the Qur'an. For many, it may be a dream come true. A life of luxury that does not require one to get up in the morning to go to work or to plan ahead for rainy days, as everything is taken care of. With great wealth, a person can pay the tax, buy the latest luxury cars, travel around the world and help the poor and needy.

This is how it looks on the outside. Winning the Lotto is about happiness, happiness and a happy life - but is it real happiness, or is it just a miracle from afar?

One might ask: why does Islam deny its followers what seems to be a life of endless bliss, and wealth that can be used for good reasons? I have been struggling with this issue for some time. Then a thought came to my mind, the kind of encouragement that gave me clarity and peace of mind as to why gambling is not good for me: Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (He is supreme) knows what is best for me. Aka (swt) does not stop me from doing anything to punish me. Everything is very beneficial for me, even though I may not see the benefits.

The believer places his trust in Allah. They know that anything the Creator forbids them to do is actually harming them, even if it is not. Which would you choose: N100, 000,000 to add nothing but misery, or the right amount of money associated with happiness and peace of mind? What good would the N100M do if it also came with liver cancer? Wouldn't you rather have some money and be at peace with your Lord, you, your family, and all the people around you?

While winning the jackpot seems to bring a life of joy and happiness, the reality is different. The jackpot winners continue to live the life of hell. Business Insider, an online magazine, carried the news of the jackpot winners who lost everything, some of them even facing death threats from family members.

In 2002, West Virginia construction contractor Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr. walked away with $ 114 million from Powerball's massive power drive - which was about his last lucky win. In two separate cases, thieves fled with $ 745,000 Whittaker trapped in his car. Later, he was sued by Caesar's Atlantic City for allegedly hitting $ 1.5 million in checks. Within four years, his fortune was gone.

Moreover, the chances of winning the jackpot are almost slim. As shown by the CBC, the chances of winning are similar to being killed in a terrorist attack while on the move, by being killed by a carnivore, or by being killed by lightning. Playing the Lotto is therefore a waste of money, and that money is a fund that you will be responsible for on Judgment Day.

Know that Allah (swt), the Almighty and All-Knowing, will never command His servant to do anything unless the action is beneficial to him. He, the Merciful, does not withhold His slaves from anything unless there is an injury to it, or it may appear otherwise to them.

Instead of throwing your money into the ditch by playing the Lotto, it is better to invest it in helping, where it will benefit you on Calculation Day. Lottery money has no blessing in it. Having a little bit of a blessing is better than having a whole world without a blessing.