I Blame Their Parents And Religious Leaders" - John Ndungu Reacts To Wedding Between Two Teenagers

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Stunning scene as two South Sudanese teens, distinguished as Buomkuoth Wiyual and Nyabuay Thiol Biel, gets hitched.

Buomkuoth Wiyual, aged16, and his kid accomplice Nyabuay Thiol Biel got hitched on December 18, this year, in Gambella, Ethiopia.

As indicated by data accumulated, the service was graced and favored by the two guardians and strict pioneers.

The neighborhood media revealed that the lawful age to get hitched in South Sudan is eighteen (18).

The underage couple's wedding pictures have been causing ripple effects via online media, particularly on Facebook with many censuring the organized marriage.

One analyst, distinguished as John Ndungu, who was likewise denouncing the marriage between the two teens, accused the guardians and strict pioneers who upheld the marriage.

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The following is the remark that was composed by John Ndungu, remaining against the alliance of these two underage recently married couple.

"I fault the guardians and the strict pioneers. They should be good examples and guides to youthful ages. A few guardians are so materialistic, I say this on the grounds that the young lady's folks I'm extremely certain were after the settlement which in Sudanese culture is a robust measure of cash or crowds of steers," John Ndungu composed.

"Where will the adolescents start life from? No training finished I'm certain. How might they deal with themselves as far as fundamental necessities? No work, no cash, training cut off, I feel sorry for the young lady #NyabuayThiolBiel, she will be made a mother at an extremely youthful age. No mother insight what not," he proceeded.

"The getting sorted out advisory group bombed them as well, check out the pant Buomkuoth is wearing, it's short, too short on his big day putting on a pant like that without a doubt? What's more the lady blanched the face alone and failed to remember other body parts," he said.

This isn't anything not the same as kid marriage as youngster marriage is a conventional marriage or casual association of kids before younger than 18. This marriage is void.

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