Top Six (6) Positive Effects of Dumsor in Ghana (The Annoying Truth)


Positive effects of Dumsor in Ghana 

Let's now look at the positive side of this unfortunate situation in our country. Though we are all frustrated about the return of Dumsor but hey let's release some stress by looking at the annoying positive side of it he!he!!hee!!!...

Six Positive Effects of Dumsor 

Dumsor is making our Akan language popular worldwide.Even Google explains Dumsor as the term derived from two separate words from the Asante Twi, the Akuapem Twi or Fante dialects of the Akan language, dum ('to turn off or quench') and sɔ ('to turn on or to kindle'), and so the term roughly translates as "off-and-on". The term has also recently evolved into dum dum ('off and off') because of the increase in the intensity of the power outages. It has also gained popularity via social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Dumsor.Hahaha.

Dumsor has also helped bring families together. There has been more ‘family time’ in most houses affected with Dumsor. Most ladies are saying that now there’s no football on the TV so they have suddenly become more attractive to their husbands or boyfriends.Families are also spending more time talking to each other instead of being glued to social media as the charge on their phones and laptops runs out.

Dumsor has also helped reduce the amount paid for electricity bills.Personally my electricity bill has actually gone down by half and I'm sure most Ghanaians will testify to it. "Right?..." It is common for people in Ghana to use a prepaid electricity meter, so the savings have come in straight away.

Presenters, Publishers and Bloggers have something to talk about, publish and also blog for little incomes. Even Musicians now have something to sing about. If you know you know…

Dumsor has helped in the increasing demand for Solar Energy. This is booming the business of dealers of solar panels here in Ghana.

Dumsor has Increased imports of Generators. This is also booming the business of generator dealers

Hahaha... Baabi 3s3e no na baabi 3y3yie...