Did you know popular Nigerian actor Aki bears the name Chinedu Ikedieze?


Chinedu Ikedieze, 43, Nigerian movie star popularly known as 'Aki'. He is progressively moving in the direction of the golden age, which is "50".

You might think that because of his height, no person may prefer to marry him, but that it wrong. Infact, he got married to the love of his life, Most individuals would have belittled him. However, he became successful and made it to the top.

Aki is fortunately married and very rich. Check these pictures out:

At the time Aki used to act humorous films with Osita Iheme popularly known as 'pawpaw', he was only 25.

Currently, he has a lovely wife, cars, businesses and a mansion.

He has also acquired many awards. Aki is indeed a big name in the film industry and also cherished worldwide, his funny roles always brings about a precise laugh.

Chinedu and Nneoma are dwelling fortunately together.

See photos of Aki's massive lovely mansion below.

Unfortunately, the couples have no kids of their own, this is indeed very sad but then we pray that God gives then young ones of their own.

He has contributed so much to the movie industry, and left most of us with childhood memories. He has left a gap that would be very difficult to fill in the film enterprise in years to come. His films have been constantly cherished because he was once additionally a professional actor, when it got here to portraying different characters in movies he features in.

See the photograph of he and his spouse posing in a humorous way.

The name of his wife is Nneoma Ikedieze, She is dark skinned and very beautiful looking lady.

See the pictures below:

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