Netizens React As Churchill Shares Video of A Pilot Cleaning Plane's Windshield Unprofessionally

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Churchill show host Mwalimu King'ang'i Ndambuki has left citizens in stitches with his latest video post.

Through his Facebook post, the comedian shared the video of a pilot cleaning the windshield of the aeroplane, while preparing to take off.

Churchill went on to caption the video with the short message which reads "safe journey' sarcastically suggesting the pilot's unprofessional move.

In the video, The pilot seemingly decided to apply the manual way by directly pouring bottled water to the windshield.

It is not clear at which airport was the video taken neither any explanation was given about the airline.

The aeroplane's windshield is supposed to be cleaned using soapy water and special wipes, several hours before takeoff.

A lot of clean water should be used during the process plus the application of wipes and thereafter spray polish is applied.

Netizens react, as they wondered how they can trust such kind of unprofessional pilot with their lives.

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