Facts About Sex You Need To Know

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During the beginning and continuous stage of puberty, a person's emotional changes is influenced by their desire for intimacy. Intimacy on it own, is what all people intend to have once old enough to do so. Other people have already managed to get intimate. Though, there are certain facts that needs to be noted about the activity. Most of which many are already aware of, but do not really take into consideration.

Intimacy can have negative a impact on people. It is a stated fact, as the activity could cause people with heart related problems some trouble. Also, development of muscle strain is likely to occur. Intimacy has it's flaws, so one should be alert before getting intimate.

Intimacy also has great positive effect on people. It can make a person feel happier, more healthy and can even prolong one's life span. Therefore, people who engage in intimate activities, stand a chance of experiencing these results.

It also increases male's sperm fertility rate, reduces stress, keeps the heart beating and is a great way of exercise. Whereas it also strengthens the connection and bond between two partners.

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