David Mabuza says the blaming game should stop and instead they should help fix Eskom

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Here is an interesting and valid point Dabuza raised during the morning live shoe.

"Stop the blame game and help us fix Eskom says David Mabuza. The deputy president says it is now pointless to point fingers but time for this generation to stand up and solve the problem. Excuse me? The nerve! Isn’t that rubbing salt in our gaping wound?"

People are now commenting on what Mabuza said earlier and here are the comments.

"ESKOM is stuck with politics, not that all Engineers cant make this coal plant work. ANC holds the political power at play."

"Eskom's problem is not capacity.Eskom has 47GW installed capacity.The problem is the availability of the power station units.Eskom must increase availability through maintenance and refurbishment."

"Point fingers and keep accountable, but also work towards finding solutions. These should not be mutually exclusive."

"Mabuza says it's not ANC but the board , coo etc who are to blame for Eskom's collapse but does ANC not have the last say on who is to be appointed to these positions now he is trying to distance ANC frm this crisis and oh yes it is a crises cos very soon no lights for months"

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