Uhuru's Recent Message To Ministry of Education


Corona virus pandemic has brought several challenges to our country Kenya.Many government sectors have been seriously interfered with by the deadly virus, education being one of them.All leaning and teaching Institutions were initially closed last year March when our country was attacked by the first wave of corona virus.

The Kenya national examinations that is Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and Kenya Certificate of Primary education were done at the peak of the corona virus third wave,which actually was not an easy task.

The president of Kenya has sent a message to the ministry of education and other education stakeholders, congratulating them for ensuring that the examinations are successfully completed despite the Corona virus pandemic.The president stated that it is through their courage, determination,faith,and victory over corona virus that took away fear, doubt and anxiety to ensure that the examinations are successfully completed.

The message that was directed by the government spokesman also stated that the same courage that has been evident previously should also be maintained as we wait for May opening.

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