Wardrobe Collection of Nigerian Actress, Chioma Chukwuka That Will Inspire Fashion Lovers

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Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha is a talented Nollywood Actress who began her acting career in 2000. The 41years old veteran actress has a good sense of fashion, and always rock classy and trendy wears.

In this fashion update, we will be looking at some wardrobe collection of the Nigerian movie actress, Chioma which can serve as inspiration to fashion lovers.


I noticed the actress is a lover of cooperate attires, and she also has a good sense of fashion for corporate wears. Just like the above corporate wear, it's a simple sewing, but has a classy appearance.

First, let's talk about the nice sewing and styles given to the outfit above. She designer sew the outfit top like a suit, but the ladies style. Also it has a yellow button style, which made the outfit look unique and stunning to sights.

Also the long trouser sewing, used to rock the attire made it perfect for all official work and meetings. She also wore a perfect matching colour heels, which also did well to complement the attire.

Then the perfect handbag, and her long black wig, made her appearance look captivating and matured. This is a perfect fashion inspiration to young ladies, who are official workers.

The above corporate wear is another sweet combination of colours which gave the wearer a matured and captivating appearance. She perfectly merged those colours together, which perfects her look.

We all know that blue and yellow are nice matching colours, so it gave her a perfect view as she merged them together. Then the style of her top, having a lace material at the upper region, was okay coupled with hand style of the attire.

Then her plain yellow skirt coupled with her heels, made the attire look perfect for official work. This is another good corporate wear inspiration for ladies.

The above corporate wear has a suit sewing style, which also perfectly rocked with a nice heel. The attire above is a combination of white and black, which are two nice / matching colours. It's a corporate attire that offered her a boss appearance.


The above pink gown is another classy gown for special outdoor events like, friends hangout, church service and even official works. She also perfected the outfit by wearing a pink colour heels.


The sewn wear above, is a lace sewing which has matured colour combination. The flower designs made it unique, coupled with the matching colour Gele she wore, which offered her a matured and glorious appearance.

The sewing above should be an inspiration to mothers who love good sewn wears.


Her multicolour appearance / short gown above is super, and worth coping by young girls. She really proved to have a good sense of fashion, by perfectly wearing the short gown with a white canvas, and a small handbag, which made her ready for any outdoor event like, dinner party, friends hangout and many more.

Actress Chioma really has a good sense of fashion, as her few wardrobe collection in this content, proves it well.

Photo Credit: Instagram / chiomaakpotha

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