Opinion: 14 Months To 2023 Elections In Nigeria, Youths Have No Consensus Presidential Candidate

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2023 is fast approaching and the youths have not yet woke up and taken charge of Nigeria. There has not been any youth movement to take over Nigeria from the old politicians in Nigeria. This is the time to start mobilization and orientation, by now a credible candidate should have been at the forefront of campaigns across Nigeria. A consensus candidate that will be able to move Nigeria forward.

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It is time all Nigerian youths get a voters card, register to vote, and participate in the coming election, without expecting any money from Politicians before participating in voting. The youths should know that whatever money any politicians give to them, can not provide and solve; Rent or Accommodation, Employment, School fees, hunger, poverty, Clothing, Good Healthcare, Good roads, Quality Education, and other basic amenities needed for the next four years. 

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The fact that there's poverty and hunger in the land doesn't mean they should take peanuts that can't sustain them in 24hrs and then suffer the same hunger and poverty for the next 4yrs. The youths should not expect that whoever bribe to get their votes, pay them to snatch ballot boxes, pay them to rig election, buy them guns and cutlasses to kill before and during the election, to value and respect them after the election and don't expect them to do things right and also permits you to do right things when they get there.

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The truth is that It is hypocrisy not to register to vote or not voting after registration and then come out to complain about bad government when things go wrong. Politics is not a dirty game, you're uninformed for believing such from people with no good intention, that belief is the reason we're not moving forward in everything. If we all see politics as dirty and refused to participate in leadership and elections to clean it up, we will continue having leaders we don't want.

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It's easier for Youths to win elections in this country if they can be serious for once and take their mindset from irrelevant things that have never helped, will never help, and confront the old politicians. If the youths can mobilize themselves to create awareness in the villages, towns, and all over Nigeria just as they've been doing for any reality TV shows with massive votes for the contestants without taking bribes then, they can do more to choose the leader they believe is right for Nigeria among themselves.

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