(Watch) Kind-hearted Osebo Organizes Party For Kayayees, Videos Drop

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Giving to the poor and needy in society is one important exercise that many people engage themselves in. Knowing the positive outcome of such a thing, those who are fond of helping the less privileged take delight in doing so.

In this article, I am going to share with you some videos as Osebo organizes a party for head porters, locally known as "kayayees".

Osebo The Zaraman whose real name is Richard Brown, is a popular Ghanaian male fashionista. Osebo is well known for stylishly rocking his variety of outfits. Even though some people find "faults" in that, others find absolutely nothing wrong with it since it is his sort of branding.

The CEO of 247 boutique has shown massive love to a number of "kayayees". In giving back to society while celebrating his birthday, the alleged baby daddy of Nana Aba Anamoah together with the Osebo foundation have organized a party for some "kayayees" or head porters.

According to one of the captions of the videos he shared on his Instagram page, Osebo indicated that what makes him happy is giving to the needy. A happy birthday song was sang and he cut the cake with the help of some of his colleagues.

You can watch the videos here by clicking on the links below;



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