"Huyo Mwanamke Anafaa Kushikwa Pia" Netizens React After 17 Year Old Boy Kills Man, 33 Over A Woman


A 17 year old boy from Mirera Naivasha was arrested for murdering a 33 year old man yesterday on Thursday May 20th in the evening hours.

The teenager is said to have had an altercation with the deceased over a woman prompting him to commit the henious act.

Netizens have speculated that boy was acting out of self defense and that the woman should be arrested for having a relationship with the minor.

Here are some of their reactions.

" Huyo meanamke anafaa kushikwa. She is the source. That lady deserves to be taken to court it was a set up."

"He killed out of self defense. That woman should be arrested for having love affairs with under 18."

"Both the boys and the woman should get arrested. How now Khaii in love."

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