Check Out Cute Photos Of Some Famous Celebrities Riding Horses


Horses have served a lot of useful purposes to humans over the years. Back in the days, they used to be one of the most reliable means of transport before the invention of cars, planes, and so on. Also, they have been used by horse riders during fierce battles against their opponents. Also, they have been and are still being used for certain sports like polo. They also play important roles in entertainment as people sometimes pay to ride horses for pleasure. Horses too can be friendly and can serve as a worthy companion in your time of need.

Even though they no longer serve as a means of transport in most parts of the world, a lot of people still ride horses, maybe for entertainment or whatever reason, but horses are still very much in use. Here are photos of some popular celebrities riding horses.

1) Jamie Foxx

2) William Shatner

3) Mary-Kate Olsen

4) Madonna

5) Brad Pitt

6) Shania Twain


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