Our Househelp Who Was 50 Years Old Used To Sleep With My Father Inlaw And My Husband: Lady Narrates

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It was a 50-year-old woman's admission that she had been sleeping with both her father-in-law and her husband that broke her marriage, according to Phyllis from Kiambu.

In Phyllis's version of events, they were married before she had even started college. When she went home for the midterm break, he was there to pick her up from school on visiting days.

In the midst of her grocery store's success, she convinced her husband to leave his job on a construction site to run it, and he began flirting with one of her regular customers.

After hearing reports about her husband's acquaintance with the lady, Phyllis was horrified to realize that he had given her money without her permission.

The elderly mother-in-law of Phyllis' husband quickly become ill and had to be cared for by a 50-year-old caregiver because she was unable to do anything on her own. That her father-in-law had revealed to Phyllis that he had done so while she was aware of her mother-in-deteriorating law's health made Phyllis even more suspicious of her mother-in-law and her father-in-relationship.

Even when Phyllis's husband came home on the weekend to find no one home but an old woman working as their housekeeper texting him to say she was ready and that he was paying her.

She was furious at the woman's claims and demanded to know if they were true. When she admitted they were, she promised to end their relationship.. After her husband disputed the allegations, she was left to raise her children on her own.

Source: https://youtu.be/a3O7Nf5J1sE

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