Pres. Uhuru Told What To Do By Ruto's Ally, Revealing How He Can Leave Legacy Using This Method


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been on move to make sure he leaves a good legacy. He came up with the BBI bill to secure Kenyans, little did he know that the bill could have many hurdles. Ruto's ally has been attacking President Uhuru's move on the bill. His Deputy was among the first people to give the bill the cold shoulder. However, the BBI proponents are equal to the task despite the move by the supreme court.

Amid the BBI debate, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been reminded by Ruto's ally. The nominated senator disclosed that President Uhuru can only achieve his legacy if and only if he can concentrate on inoculating more Kenyans ahead of 2022.

All Hustlers are calling President Uhuru to vaccinate Kenyans and yet they are organizing mega rallies across the Nation. Do know, they putting Kenyans at risk?

Omanga said "President Uhuru's ambitious plan to inoculate at least 30 million Kenyans by 2022 to achieve herd immunity will place him on a higher pedestal if he concentrates and sticks to it without being distracted by BBI Nonsense. Will he? Inoculate

"Wewe maneno ya Uhuru Kenyatta achia watu wa state house waongelee" a Kenyan reacted to Omanga tweet.