Ondo : The Only State In The South West Region Of Nigeria Where The Ijaws Are Also Indigenes

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The Ijaw is one of the minor ethnic groups in Nigeria. They are predominantly found in the South-South region of Nigeria which includes Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers State.

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It is however surprising that the Ijaw people can also be found in the South West region of Nigeria even though the region is predominantly occupied by the Yorubas.

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The Ijaws can be mostly found in Ondo State, one of the six states that made up the southwest geo-political zone.

According to Wikipedia, migrants from the Eastern Apoi clan in Bayelsa State in the South-South established the western Apoi clan in Ondo State over a century ago.

One of the most popular figures from the Ijaw-speaking area is Kingsley Kuku, former chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme during the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

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People from different ethnic groups cohabiting together shows the unity of our dear country, Nigeria.

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