It is really hard for the president to fire Lindiwe Sisulu as that can be used against him?

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The ANC has reached that stage where they no longer trust each other so its real hard for the president to fire Lindiwe, because someone in his camp can use it against him there is more than two factions in ANC and most of us only see the RET and New Dawn, but there is other two factions which the one is supporting Zweli Mkhize and the other one is supporting DD Mabuza

The ANC is it's own opposition, the ANC had become a black hole for the country nobody can escape it and eventually it will consume every vision and promise made by Mandela, De Klerk, Tutu, Biko and everybody who sacrificed their lives and livelihood for this beautiful country. The only solution for the ANC is to apologize and leave the political arena like the NP did, the ANC has disgraced our country long enough it is time to move on and create our rainbow nation. The ANC of today has no interest in pursuing the dream that brought us to a peaceful transition of power, turning our country into a welfare state is an insult to the poor. Keeping us poor was not the vision, we were supposed to have been closet to receiving our basic services. Instead people are still competing with animals to get drinking water from a stream, shame in all of you, you should hang your heads in disgrace and beg forgiveness from every voter who chose to make an X next to your partyDon't be surprised if Lindiwe jumps the sinking ship and joins opposition or starts her own party, she will begin by wooing all the old people they cast the majority of votes for ANC away from the ruling party. The ANC has too many cracks opening, staff not being paid, attachment orders of property for non payment of suppliers, electricity being cut to offices, etc

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