"Unanikunywa Sana My Love" Photo Of Actress Awinja That Has Made Netizens To Elicit Reactions


Beautiful Actress Jacky Vibe famously known as Awinja from Papa Shirandula Series at Citizen TV, has made Netizens online to elicit mixed reactions after she posted this photo. This photo sparked reactions online especially from men. Men wanted more after seeing this photo. Some even went ahead and confessed their love to her. Most were amazed with the effort she put in making this content.

Awinja was advertising Kenya's number one favorite alcoholic drink, Tusker. She had wrapped five cans of Tusker on her head with her hair. The cans were empty. Awinja smiled as she posed for the photo and this will easily convince someone to buy the drink.

(Photo| Awinja)

Famous comedians like Propesa commented on her photo by confessing his love. Maina Kageni also reacted. Netizens reacted by saying that her content creation skills are enticing and amazing. Here are some of the mixed reactions from Netizens.

(Photo| Netizens Reactions)

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