Is This Kenyan Celebrity Yara Shahidi's Look-alike?

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Elodie Zone is a Kenyan YouTuber,an Instagram influencer and a Tiktoker. Her YouTuber account has more than 20K followers. She recreated it again for making tutorial on how to get a smooth face , to remove acnes, how to maintain natural hair and her spiritual growth. She has more than 150K followers on Instagram and owns an ig tv where she talks about metal health and growth . Elodie creates best dancing tiktoks and funny clips which can make your ribs crack. She is also know for dating Sean Andrew , grandson of the 3rd president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki.courtesy of Instagramcourtesy of Instagramcourtesy of Instagram

Yara Shahidi an American actresses know for her staring roles as Zoey Johnson in both grown-ish and black-ish .Both are American tv leading series.

The two look alike and they are extremely courtesy Instagramcourtesy of Instagramcourtesy of Instagram

They have serving look with or without makeup. The universe is full of wonders, or is it true as the researches say that each person as a twin .Comment on your thoughts do you think they resemble each other?

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