They Will Try But They Cannot Succeed - Bishop Mensa Otabil Boldly Speaks


Bishop Mensa Otabil the founder and owner of the International Central Gospel Church, is a man of God who has touched the lives of many following his rich preachings. Due to his love and passion for Christ, he never fails to win more souls into the kingdom of God.

Starting from the Elections, the man of God released prophecies that came to pass and aside that he's a true man of God who everyone believes whenever he speaks. This is as a result of the good reputation he has earned for himself.

Speaking in his daily Living Word Program, he sent across an important and touching messages to everyone at large. In his message, he said:

"We must live with the firm assurance that because we belong to Christ, no one can destroy us. They will try but they cannot succeed".

This message gained reactions from people who agreed with him. Then the man of God also mentioned during his live video, that those who are plotting evil against others should stop. He stressed on the fact that no one can remain as a leader, so overtaking is allowed.

When one is overtaken, he/she should accept it in good faith other than plotting evil. He further talked about the happenings in our country, saying that no one should be blamed because it is just a phase that will definitely pass. "May the Lord Bless You All", he said.

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