Junet Reacts To Ruto's Manifesto, Makes Tough Remarks And Poses Questions

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Deputy President William Ruto has finally unveiled his manifesto with six pillars plan. Addressing the delegates at Kasarani Stadium DP Ruto gave a detailed speech on his plans for Kenyans. Ruto claimed that the Kenya Kenya Kwanza will end the political weaponization of State institutions. Ruto lectured the government claiming that it has failed to fulfil its promises to Kenyans. However, several Azimio allies have reacted to his long speech. Some have termed it to be boring and vague.

Junet Mohamed has questioned when the press conference is going to end. He said that, "No single word yet on the fight on corruption… the cancer that has ruined the lives of Kenyans under the Deputy president of Kenya.@makaumutua." Philip Etale also reacted to say, "In Azimio, we did not promise women positions but we demonstrated by nominating Hon. @MarthaKarua to be the Deputy President. Women will be the biggest beneficiaries in our government. When someone is lying, you will tell by how many times he/she says FINALLY."

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