US Military Using Mosquitoe Drones

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Mosquitoes cause a lot of deaths by spreading malaria in some countries. However, the US military is doing something different by using the mosquito's body. The device will serve security purposes.

Insect spy drone is a device that was discovered by the US military. Thanks to them more research is on the way to improve it.

The drone is also nicknamed as the military mosquito or techsquito. It is well equipped with a camera, small needles and a battery. The camera can take videos and pictures and the needles take samples of blood from the suspect unknowingly.

The development will help the military to get to know the location of the terrorists and other military activities can be monitored. The drone being attached with a camera, the actual crime suspects will be easily caught.

Russia and Israel are some of the countries conducting research to make more technological military equipments.

According to an article from NBC News, the drones are in the prototype stage. This means that a little bit more research and time is required before they are realised out for use.

They research will be conducted on how long the drone will fly, items it can carry such as sensors and GPS systems.

What do you think about this device?

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