7 Habits Which Gradually Damages The Brain.


Health is the greatest wealth, they say. In this article we are going to be looking at 7 have which gradually damages our brains.

1. Working when ill: We are sometimes in a hurry when it comes to work issues. Others don't even mind working though they are sick. But one thing they refuse to understand is when you are sick, your body needs rest. Working while one is not feeling well may sometimes put stress on the brain which isn't good.

2. Rarely talking: Talking makes the brain work and become active. Engaging yourself in talks goes a long way to boost the brain.

3. Polluted air: The brain as an organ needs a lot of oxygen to perform it's functions well. Polluted air derives the brain and body as well from getting oxygen.

4. Smoking: Smoking has numerous sides effects on various parts of the human body but for the brain, it causes dementia related issues like Alzheimer.

5. No sleep: Not taking the required amount of sleep for a long period of time reduces healthy brain cells. Sleeping goes a long way to repair and refresh the body.

6. Too much sugar: Consuming too much sugars isn't good for the human body. Unfortunately, there is sugar in almost everything we consume daily. Reducing the intake of sugar prevents brain issues. 

9. No breakfast: Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. After a good night rest, you need to eat to provide the brain with nutrients if not the brain gets no nutrients and is easily damaged. 



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