Rise To Fame, The Story Of Azziad Nasenya

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The social media celebrity came into limelight last year with her Utawezana hit video dance that featured Okonkwo. She has been doing this creative work since 2017.Many people did not know Azziad by then. Consequently, we have organized a compilation of her photos and profile that will help you know her better.

Azziad was born in Mumias in the Western part of Kenya. The 21-year old celebrates her birthday on 16th of June. She went to Misikhu secondary school for her high school education. Currently she is in her second year pursuing a degree in communication at the university.

Even though she hinted that she's dating, a lot about her is private and she has never disclosed the lucky man. She insists about keeping her tabs private from social media especially stuff concerning relationships. This comes as a big disappointment to her fans who would have wished to know the man this gorgeous young woman is engaged to.

She currently is the brand ambassador of TikTok. She has got many of her fans reacting on social media platforms on her beauty, dancing moves and looks.

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