Africa needs to be reborn anew


Fathers, are our children proud of what we have for them as a nation? I listened to two kids discussing the predicament of the black man and l shed tears. 

At a tender age, they are beginning to believe that the white man has done better to develop his country than the black man! Their minds are constantly assaulted by the images of fifth, decay, abject penury, violence, insults, drug abuse and corruption in high places. Their minds, which arrived from their maker just like the minds of white children, are constantly receiving information about Africa that is discouraging. No white child would like to live in Africa and no black child would like to stay in Africa. All the children say they are studying hard so they can travel to "abrokyere" (overseas).

Our grandfathers failed our fathers and our fathers failed us. We are failing our children and it is my prayer that they wont fail their children and children's children. 

Africa needs to be born anew!