Popular Sangoma Drops Huge Bombshell Saying That “Those Who Believe in Jesus Will Not Go to Heaven”

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These days, a great many people accept that otherworldliness and religion go connected together and that religion is an establishment while otherworldliness is understanding and feeding the reality. They decide to love God through religion yet additionally become one with God through their otherworldliness. 

Rhadebelihle, a well known prophet on Twitter who has presented himself as a sun-cognizant living being has acquired individuals' trust after he forecasted about the late Shona Ferguson while he was as yet alive. Much of the time, he professes to predict things before they occur, has by and by made cases about individuals evaporating to the fifth aspect. 

He recently dropped a huge bombshell on the internet saying:

After he said this, many who used to believe his prophecy began to doubt every other things he has said in the past because this is truly outrageous.

Individuals were conceived free however society, culture, religion, and different convictions showed them impediments. African otherworldliness isn't a religion however a lifestyle, and keeping in mind that individuals pick their religions, there is no numerous decision for otherworldliness. Otherworldliness is one and gives inward harmony and it is for the individuals who focus on their internal voice. 

Regardless of whether Rhadebelihle's prophecies are valid or bogus, nobody knows. Is it accurate to say that we are otherworldly creatures that are going through a human encounter or the other way around? We don't have the foggiest idea. Yet, what we cannot deny is that we should regard individuals' convictions and societies without imparting trepidation of not going to paradise. Profound individuals ruminate while strict individuals ask and some do both. The fact is, individuals ought to be permitted to pick their own way.

Source: https://twitter.com/Rhadebelihle/status/1461402270772432896?t=UXnvpu_R9SaPP5k6S3oE_g&s=19

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