The incredible Migration Of Red Crabs On Christmas Island in Australia


Crab migrate during the rainy season that starts in October. In concrete terms, they are leaving the forest to the ocean where the women put their eggs. Around two months afterwards, mothers with their newborns make their way back to the forest in the opposite direction.

Each year Christmas Island residents and visitors can admire millions of red crabs unbelievable migration. An extraordinary thing that would make you almost want to experience this little piece of land in the middle of the night.

Those land crabs are harmless to human bements, travellers can be assured. Living on roads, paths, and beaches with them, leaves a memory that never tyres of being observed by the visitors.

The 40 million crabs pass through the island to make this habitat change and provide a wonderful scene for the passers-by. Mainly on the road, but also along the walls, they gather.

Therefore, doors have to be closely closed to prevent them from entering the interior. Moreover, this migration forces people to drive to protect crabs very slowly.

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