Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes as Soon as You Get Home

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In many Asian countries like Japan, it is customary to take off your shoes before entering the house. This is because, your shoes may have carried a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria.

This behavior has made the Japanese to be among the healthiest nations in the world. These are some of things you may carry with your shoes into your house.

You may bring bacteria into your home

All the brands of shoes have the ability to attract and carry harmful germs. According to research, 40% of shoes you wear can bring a bacteria known as Clostridium difficile. This bacteria can cause infections that are resistant to medicines.

Most of these infections can lead to diarrhea and inflammation in your stomach. When the bacteria get into house, it may dry your surface of your house, thus being hard to remove it.

Germs on shoes may cause skin irritation

Pesticides and harmful chemicals have the ability of sticking on the bottom of your shoes. The harmful chemicals may bring about various health complications, which includes the skin and eye irritation.

When you have a kid, he or she may easily be affected by these harmful chemicals. This is because, they spend a lot of time crawling and playing on the floor.

Your shoes may hurt your feet

According to research, 28% to 37% of people wear shoes that are fit to them. However, fit shoes may cause foot pain or foot swelling. Wearing unfit shoes can irritate the skin on your shoes, thus causing bruising and ingrown toenails.

You will spend less time cleaning

Wearing your slippers while you are at home will keep your feet neat. This will make you spend less time vacuuming and mopping your floors. Removing of your shoes prevent your house floors from getting scratches, thus your floor remains clean and neat.

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