Citizen TV Reporter Stephen Letoo and Baby Mama Winnie Nadupoi Part Ways, Agree to Co-Parent

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Stephen Letoo and his baby mama Winnie Nadupoi are nolonger in a relationship. The two deleted all photos they took together while still in a relationship from their respective social handles and Letoo only left one they took with their newborn son. Letoo and Winnie have a two year old son together and are co-parenting.

Last weekend, the maasai man flew to Mombasa with his best friends for his birthday and Winnie was not among the invited guest. This raised eyebrows leaving many people speculating that there was trouble in paradise. He was quick to highlight that they are not married. He also disclosed that he had left his marriage plans open to polygamy.

" The worst i can do is not be polygamous. My father, grandfather and all my brothers are polygamous. I'll only be letting down my family if i don't become one. In my maasai community, polygamy is celebrated."

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