Africa Has A Beautiful Culture: Here's The Lady With The Biggest Lip Plates In Africa


Africa has unique culture and diverse ways for a group of people to live. From the shores of cape town to the castles of cape coast, Africans portray these beautiful arts of their culture. Anyone who isn’t proud of his own tribe and culture is the worst racist of the world. Many are a reason the whites are taking our self respect from us because we aren’t proud of our own origin.

We have all seen people feeling so proud and choosing foreign accents after returning from the land of the white men, we have seen people appear as though the life of the black society is the worst of human kind. We have our own ladies and worst of it men bleach to look more foreign than African.

We prefer to look more colored in pictures taken than our original dark skin, We prefer more of foreign products than our own. When you act in your village after returning from the US as though you are the only sensible person because you returned from state. All of that forms part of neglecting our culture.

We are the first anti Africans against our own selves as and can only fight against denigration by stopping to being timid and walk out of inferiority complex by letting the world know we are proud of our culture.

Africans have a culture and are cultured people. We are not some things that fell out of the sky for the pleasure of somebody putting another culture into this cultured beings. First Nations person, a sovereign person from this country.

Well, meet 20 years old old Ataye Eligadagne who is proud of her culture and her African heritage with the largest lip plates in the world. This awesome culture is found in Ethiopia. Our culture lives on forever.


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