Roasted Plantain Seller Pleads With Government To Abandon The "E-Eleven" (Video)

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In a video which is sighted by Star Fm, one woman was interviewed to give her opinion on the ongoing 'brouhaha' in Parliament concerning the E-levy.

According to her, the E-levy which she pronounced as 'E-eleven' is a very bad plan from the government. She believes that wherever she withdraws money from the bank, she is being deducted some charges by the bank and she believes that those charges are enough. She added that, she has children at all levels of the educational system.

She made it clear that sending money to them while being taxed will bring headache to her. 

She also made it clear that she is a widow and takes care of all the children alone from the little sales she makes from selling roasted plantain.

She is therefore pleading with journalist to help her voice reach the government in order for them to know what's happening in the country

Click here to watch the video.

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