The Number One Reason Why You Should Be Hopeful About Getting an Ex Back


People breakup and get back together all the time before marriage and being with that person the rest of their life. Don't let people accept hookup culture where you swipe right and move on just because of a fight with an ex. Not all breakups should be or will be final.

Why Be Hopeful? Why Not Give Up?

Because if you start to go No Contact and you know how to be dumped with class and without begging..there is a scientific reason to be hopeful.

Scientists/Psychologists Have Proven That Bad Memories Fade in Time

Psychologists and neurologists have now proven that the brain reprocesses memories to make pain tolerable and to promote growth. After you have a breakup the fighting or the even that occur triggers a lot of pain. The raw feelings of a bad relationship are still there. But over time those bad memories fade and the good memories are primarily what is left. It is not always true.

But if there was nothing too horrible between the both of you..there is a good chance that over 45 to 60 days a person that dumped you will be left with mainly positive memories of you.

That is why the no contact method is so powerful. It allows you to limit contact which limits the chances of drama and fighting again. And it allows that person to miss you.

If an ex contacts you for a date or to get together. It doesn't mean they want a relationship. It means they are curious to know if those feelings they had will develop again. Keeping it joyful and fun will make them fall back in love with you. You must do everything to be the opposite of triggering them with bad memories.

What is hard is starting a BRAND NEW relationship that doesn't trigger the past. There must be change between both of you. The hard part is not getting your ex to go on dates with you again. It is KEEPING YOUR Ex.