After Being Gay For Several Years Of His Life, Take A Look At What Has Happened To Him

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There are sometimes, we see or hear stories around us and we begin to wonder whether such things do exist or not.

We most often come across certain prominent men of God who after disclosing to the public the kind of life they used to be in before their call, you will realize that indeed God calls persons irrespective of the kind d of life they are into.

From a post that has sparked so much controversy on social media, you would see two different pictures of a very handsome young man.

According to the inscription beneath, the pictures cover a transformation of a young man who formally was a gay but through grace has gone though training and is finally being ordained a priest.

All things we know are possible and we can say that this young man has indeed taken the right path to turn away from what was not okay for his spiritual well being.

Please click on the link below to watch a video of him

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