Panic As Corpse "Refuses" To Enter Casket Due Wife Not Granting His Final Wish


Some people tend to leave wishes they would like them to be fulfilled upon their deaths. This usually act as orders and must be adhered to strictly no matter the situation at hand. A good example is that of Caroline Kangogo wish to be buried in a gown for wedding. Same scenario was witnessed in the western region with a corpse.

It is alleged that the corpse failed to enter the coffin as the size was small. This had put carpenters in hot soup and had to deliver another large coffin to keep the corpse. Amazingly it was not enough as the body had swollen. Might this be associated with witchcraft?

It came to attention of elders as they requested that if someone had wronged the deceased to Leave the premises immediately. That was when the wife spoke and said the husband had requested to be buried in the shoes he had bought last. The body then fitted well in the casket.

This cases are usually witnessed in the western regions mostly. Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Thanks for your time readers🙏🙏


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