What Cavan Did Yesterday After The Final Whistle


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Manchester united maintained their away game record yesterday. This was after they managed to to win against Jose's team. Tottenham scored first in the first half only that they did not withstand the pressure that Red devils put on them.

Cavan score the first goal for united which was canceled by the VAR. He did not give up because he also managed to score another header in second half.

It was noted that after the final whistle thst when Edison cavan beganhis walk out of the stadium he stopped, stuffed his hand into his pocket and then went on rummaging for his smartphone.

As if that is not enough Edison Cavan held the phone aloft, and took a picture from behind the goal he had scored in.

This scenario together with yesterday's game might be one of the memories that Cavan will keen on remembering in this season.

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