5 Types Of Gifted Learners And Their Behaviors

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There are many types of gifts among pupils and students that are sometimes overlooked and devalued. Research identifies 6 different gifted individual, according to behaviour, feelings and needs.

1. The successful.

They are famous because of their excellent performance and prestigious achievements. They work extra hard due to the high expectations from teachers, parents and friends. Some time they may get frustrating because of the higher expectations.

2. The challenging type.

They are very frank and not afraid of questioning authority, they also very creative. They tend to think out of box and sometimes it's hard for them to get along with others because of how non conforming they are.

3. The underground.

They try to hide their from others because they may want to be included in the non-gifted peer group, feel too much pressure to excell or dislike being exposed.

4. The drop out type.

They often struggle with feeling anger and frustrated because of their gift being overlooked. They may struggle with their self esteem because they feel unappreciated.

5. The double label.

Refers to gifted individuals with emotional or physical disabilities which can make it difficult for schools to identify them. This can them easily discouraged and sensitive to criticism.

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