25 Photos of "Mummy Wa" When She Isn't on Set With Mr Macaroni


The entertainment sector is large enough to accommodate a lots of people. One of those who recently found their stand in the entertainment sector in Nigeria is Kemi Ikuseedun who is also known as " Mummy Wa". The name Mummy wa is is a popular character played by Kemi Ikuseedun, in Mr Macaroni's Commedy skits.

This article is structured and focused in showing fans photos of "Mummy Wa" when she is not on set with Mr Macaroni. You would agree with me, that Kemi Ikuseedun, is always seen on her staged attire anytime she is on set with Mr Macaroni. Her staged attire explains the attire of an ordinary Nigerian woman.

Below are photos of Mummy Wa, when she isn't on set with Mr Macaroni.

Mr Macaroni and Mummy wa, play couples in their commedy skits. You would agree with me, that Kemi Ikuseedun is a beautiful young lady. Tell me what you thing in the comments section

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