Google Searches That Can Get You Arrested


1 Child pornography

Searching or viewing content of minors involved in sexual activities is a crime that you can be arrested for. Minors are anyones below the age of 18 so searching for content of them involved in sexual activities is enough to raise suspicion .

2 Terrorism - related terms

Terrorism is a threat to the all world so googling anything that can raise suspicion of terrorism is handled with a lot of seriousness. However it is not bad to google information about terrorism but extreme srarches for instance '' how to make an home made bomb'' and ''the best spots to hide a bomb'' can raise suspicion of something fishy and can get you into trouble with the law.

3 Illegal downloads

This is becoming common nawadays . Most people resprt to illegal streaming websites to access those must-see films or listen to a song . However this is violation of the right and may attract a jail term or fines