Sonnie Carol Gushes Netizens with beautiful mother Daughter photo session and Captions Best friends

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The Brand influencer Carol Sonnie has expressed great love and appreciation to her little daughter by calling her, her best Friend.

It is after a week ago declaration that single parenting is extremely tough. She claimed that since her baby daddy the popular Comedian Mulamwah abandoned them with her baby she has really been struggling. The young mother has been making ends meet to make sure that her little Keilah is happy all along.

Mulamwah was set aback after she said this, and proved his financial stability. He didn't forget to mention that he is a Millionaire and he can take care of his child and Carol as long as carol cooperate with his terms. It seems that Carol is still hesitant on complying to what Mulamwah suggests.

A day ago the Ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie has flaunted beautiful photos of her daughter on a photoshoot session. She happily Captions her her best friend which is a sweet message to her loved little daughter. She clearly is obsessed to her daughter and it proves that nothing matters to her most than her daughter.

She still pushing on with strength of a woman to make sure that nothing goes wrong in her parenthood.

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