All What Rema Did To The Girl He Took Out On A Date


Prior to the facts rising about the popular Nigerian Marvins Singer and writer named Divine Ikubor popularly known as Rema, it was discovered that he has revealed the winner of his song challenge titled "Ginger Me". Before he chose the winner, he has promised to go out on a date with whosoever wins the song challenge.

So the Musician took to a day dated June 26th of 2020 to take her out in which he fulfilled. The award winning musician has shared to his social media accounts pages the photos and videos of how his date goes with the lady.

Eventhough before the date, there is also an uproar from fans that the girl was his girlfriend and that she has specially picked by Rema, but he reply them that she is not his girlfriend and that they should stop trolling him over a date with her.

According to the video he released of them, it was shown that Rema took her out for a shopping where it was heard that he told her to take anything she want and that he pay. After, in the other video shows the two on a yacht having a good time and cruising together. Where on the boat was shown that Rema was kissing the lady and that he was having a romantic time with her. It was also revealed on how they went to a one-on-one dinner date. And to crown it all it was discovered that he gifted her with a beautiful jewelry set.