Discover seven amazing facts about the vagina


The vagina is the female reproductive organ, it is placed between the vulva on the outside and the womb on the inside. Before we proceed to unique facts about the vagina, let's look at some amazing functions of the vagina. The functions of the vagina includes but not limited to;

It serves for sexual intercourse .

It is for menstrual flow.

It is a route for drug administration 

It is used for vaginal birth.

The vaginal is a route for some medical operations. 

It gives access to the cervix while screening for cervical cancer.

The vagina is  a unique organ, wonderfully constructed, some unique facts about the vagina are;

The vagina contains some good bacteria that helps to keep germs away thus the vagina is self cleansing.

The vagina is partially sealed before a woman becomes sexually active. This seal is what we refer to as hymen. 

The vagina is not straight, it is like a pipe bent upward.

The vagina is protected on the outside by the labia minora and majora. This is why the girl child shouldn't be circumcised.

The vagina has it's own natural smell which is not offensive. 

The vagina is naturally moist and slippery due to secretions from the uterine and cervical glands.

The vagina is acidic in nature and this prevents the growth of pathogens in it.

The vagina is much more than what most people think of it. Knowing these fact about the vagina will help you appreciate it more and ensure it is healthy.

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