10 Simple Ways To Avoid Quarreling With Your Partner In Your Relationship.


Some people keep asking this question in a relationship: how can I avoid quarreling and having misunderstanding with my partner on a daily basis? What am I not doing right? 

The truth is nobody is perfect, be it a relationship or a marriage. They come a time when you must have a misunderstanding with your partner, either she's at fault or you are the one at fault.

In this article I am going to give you tips and things you can do to avoid misunderstanding or quarreling in your relationship or marriage. If you and your partner always have issues on a daily basis, you have to do something positively to keep the relationship moving smoothly and avoiding relationship crisis or the end of the so-called relationship. 

Here are 9 tips you can do to avoid misunderstanding, fighting, quarreling in your relationship or marriage:

1. To build a healthy relationship and for the benefit of your own happiness, stay away from your partner’s phone. You're trying to spy on their phones might lead to a relationship crisis as much as you see something that will trigger you to get angry. 

2. Stop taking advantage of your partner. 

Your partner might be soft in as much because they are in love with you and always forgive you when ever you are wrong, in as much you know you have a Man or a woman at home that will keep forgiving you, and you move ahead to do things to get them upset you in one way or the other abusing your privilege, and you might lose it one day or face the end of your marriage or relationship. 

3. Respect your partner's point of view in a conversation. 

Yes, this is needed in a relationship, things should not always go the way you want. Even if it is right or wrong, try to hear your partner's opinion to know if they are comfortable with your next move. 

4. Understand the time you have to be silent. 

The word silent can help you solve 99% of problems in your relationship. Sometimes it is better you keep mute or silent than act when you are angry, which will make the issues on the ground more complicated. 

5. Try your best to stop yelling at your partner all the time. 

You can settle things calmly when you think your partner is wrong than just yelling at your partner all the time. It is best you speak to your partner in a mature and civilized way, then raising your voice all the time won't do your relationship any good. 

6. Don't ask your partner for something they can't give at the moment. 

It is never good to force your partner to do things they can't achieve at the moment because you see another man buying his wife a car, and you want your man to also buy a car for you. It won't do you any good but make your relationship or marriage turn into crisis. 

7. Always remember to tell your partner how you love them.

It is good to express your feelings to people you love. Once you remember your partner how you love them on a daily basis, it can make your relationship turn for good positively. 

8. Walk a way when you can't hold it anymore. 

If you notice your partner is so mad at you or has been aggressive, it is best to walk out from that spot because if you decide to talk, you might make the issues more complicated. Two wrong can't make a right walk, a way for peace to reign.

9. Always apologize when you are wrong. 

Say no to pride when you ever upset your partner, learn to say sorry. It won't take anything from you, but restore balance to your home and relationship. 

Learn to apologize whenever you go wrong and promise not to repeat such mistakes again. This will boost your marriage and put a smile to your partner's face because when you say you are sorry whenever you wrong, it means you care, and it is a sign of true love. Say no to pride, it kills and destroys a relationship. 

When you do these 9 things, I will watch your relationship turn positively. Remember, no relationship is perfect, we build to improve ourselves daily. 

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