They threatened to Pour Acid on My Face - Afia Odo talks about Fix the Country

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Social media sensation and actress Afia Odo a member of the fix the country campaigners, has in an interview revealed why she wasn’t present on the demonstration day, and the reason why she went silent on the whole agenda. In the heat of the moment where everyone was on the government to get the country fixed, Afia Odo on Twitter disclosed the threatening messages she has been receiving from unknown people but that is not going to stop her for protesting.

Afia Odo and some protesters were picked up by the police when they went into the foreground of the premises of the court, where their case was being held. Few days later she posted on Twitter that, she is taking a break on social media and this fix the country agenda due to threat messages she is getting.

To the shock of many during the Fix the Country demonstration, she wasn’t present neither did she post anything about it on social media. Afia Odo has revealed that, She received a message which stated that, if she should join the demonstration they are going to pour acid in her face.

Its really disheartening to hear such news as people are not allowed to express their grievances towards a government.

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