“You make your religion beautiful”: Aisha Yakubu & Second Lady praised as they celebrate Dr Sharubutu


Although some may have reservations against the Islamic religion, due to certain negative actions and behaviours of some “unscrupulous” individuals, the love and admiration for some also never change, thanks to amazing personalities such as Ayisha Yakubu and the second lady, Mrs Samira Bawumia. 

Their decency, beauty, humility and modesty, is what ignites such admiration within the public. Certain perceptions about Muslims are completely erased when eyes are set on these two peculiar women and today being the birthday of the “Father” of all Ghanaian muslims and even some of those abroad, Sheikh Osman Sharubutu.Both women have wished this great figure on their various social media platforms and have expressed appreciation for his impact on their lives as he turns a 102 years old today.

Their respect for the great leader has gone ahead the respect and love many have for them.

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